Merchant of Alyss by Thomas Locke

Legends of the Realm, book 2
Category:  epic fantasy, science fiction and fantasysword and sorcery
Publisher:  Revell
Release Date:  January 5, 2016
Format: advance review ebook (eARC)
My Rating:  5-stars


Life for Hyam is bittersweet. Admired by the citizens of Falmouth for his heroic rescue mission, he cherishes these peaceful days with Joelle by his side. Yet grief over the loss of his magical skills during the great Battle of Emporis threatens to engulf him. Sometimes he even wishes he had never known magic at all.

When Hyam comes into possession of an ancient Milantian scroll, he is thrilled to feel the surge of power that courses through him whenever he touches it. But what he discerns in the text could mean war. He embarks upon another journey to determine its true meaning and forestall any attack. But as Hyam is seeking answers, he is unaware that the merchant of Alyss is seeking him . . .

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I cannot express the honor and privilege that I feel to be a part of the Thomas Locke advance team. God orchestrates some of the kindest, most gracious, joy-filled opportunities for His disciples. I pray that my writing will do justice to this and all of the books that I feel so blessed to read. There are incredibly talented writers, both classic and modern, that are well worth the time to read. Sometimes it takes a little digging but I find that it is always worth it; Thomas Locke stands as one of my favorites.

Merchant of Alyss doesn't let us down. It is just as engaging as Emissary, the first book in the series, and possibly more so. My favorite characters are taken on dramatically new adventures yet Merchant of Alyss maintains continuity within the series. The introduction of new characters adds so much; Locke makes them genuinely live in the imagination and has them interacting within a believable fantasy landscape.

The Merchant of Alyss is...

A fantasy where... The mind is as engaged as the body. Mental strength and will are required. Physical consequences exist to mental images and dreams.

A story filled with... Adventures Camaraderie Commitment Genuine friendship forged by honest men in the battle against evil. Journeys Loyalty Respect Servanthood

Action filled Captivating Exciting Fascinating

A story that leaves you craving the next adventure!

As a member of the Thomas Locke review crew, I received a review copy via NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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