A Very Thankful Prayer written by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrated by Natalia Moore review and GIVEAWAY

Category: juvenile nonfiction, Christian nonfiction / holidays and celebrations / Thanksgiving
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Age Range: 2 - 5 years
Grade Level: preschool - kindergarten
Format:  board book (review copy from FrontGate Media)
My Rating: 5-stars

Additional book details:
LCCN: 2016960046

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Every day I wake up with a happy, thankful heart.

From watching the leaves fall to picking pumpkins from the patch, from sharing a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones to learning how to give—there’s so much to be thankful for! Join these adorable animals as they say a prayer of thanks to God, who gives us every good thing.


I have loved all three of the children's board books that I have read and reviewed by Bonnie Rickner Jensen to date.  I pray that there are many more coming.  My kids have loved them too (including my 18-year-old!).  My family and I have given each of them a solid 5-star rating.  The board books are just so God-honoring, sweetly written, and down-right adorable.  A Very Thankful Prayer is no exception.  A perfect book to snuggle up with your toddler, or your teen, to read during the Thanksgiving season.  And who says it just has to be at Thanksgiving... we can enjoy it all throughout the year.  

A Very Thankful Prayer is a book that I will have sitting on my Thanksgiving table for everyone to look through during the day (even though my kids aren't very little anymore).  This beautiful book is a priceless way to spark some ideas for all ages around your table to share what they are thankful for.  

My family and I have a tradition of creating a thankful tree, or thankful wall banner each Thanksgiving season to remind us of how God cares for us.  A reminder to have grateful hearts.  During Thanksgiving week I will have a mason jar sitting out prominently.  It contains a variety of thankfulness tags, fun pens, and a means of attaching them to the tree or banner.  I typically hole punch the tags at the top and attach a short piece of bakers twine to hang the tags on the tree.  For a banner, I would have a roll of double-sided tape nearby.  My husband and I encourage everyone throughout the week to think about what they have to be thankful for (outside their toys ;) and to write them down and hang them on the tree.  Don't forget to add your own!!!

After we eat the glorious Thanksgiving meal, while slumping in our chairs from our overextended stomachs, we find that the kids are calm and relaxed.  That is the perfect time to go around the table and share what each of us is thankful for.  If new ideas pop up we add them to the tree.  It is so fun to hear everyone share their blessings.

all creative kudos and license go to Emily at  Jones Design Company

all creative kudos and license go to Emily at Jones Design Company

If you want to consider starting a tradition of this nature, I found one of the best examples of a thankful tree (with some awesome free printable thankful for tags) on the Jones Design Company blog.  Emily is a talented graphic designer and will often share some amazing free printables.  Go here or click on the image to read her blog post about three ways that she intentionally practices gratitude.  The 3rd way listed is to make a thankful tree. 

Absolutely everything that Emily Jones creates is high-class.  Her style may be a bit challenging for you if your greatest desire is to get all of the spaghetti sauce off of your child's face, the walls, the floor...  

Don't worry mamas of priceless little ones!  When those babies grow, you can talk them into doing the fancier stuff with you.  This year you can have a fun art project instead.  There are so many many options available to you that can help inspire your family to remember all the teensy tiny to super HUGE blessings that we have to be thankful for.  Click on the images in the gallery below for more inspiration.

If you need more, I have all kinds of great Thanksgiving printables on my Pinterest board titled, very originally, "Thanksgiving | Printable Edition".  I actually have all kinds of fun stuff on my Pinterest board.  Come and have a look please here (I know... shameless self-promotion)!

Back to our book... God Loves Daddy & Me and God Loves Mommy & Me are the first two books that I reviewed by Bonnie Rickner Jensen.  The illustrator was Laura Watkins for both of those stories.  I genuinely LOVE her artwork.  A Very Thankful Prayer introduced me to a new illustrator, Natalia Moore.  Moore is another incredible illustrator.  You will truly enjoy just looking at the book.

Don't miss this one... it's priceless!

As a reviewer for FrontGate Media, I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My thanks to FrontGate Media, the author, and publisher.


Enter the giveaway by clicking on the image above or by clicking  HERE . Winners will be selected on 9/25/2017 and notified by email. 

Enter the giveaway by clicking on the image above or by clicking HERE. Winners will be selected on 9/25/2017 and notified by email.