You Carried Me by Melissa Ohden book review and giveaway

Melissa Ohden’s story is tragic only in the sense that she was intended to be aborted and that she had to struggle through the heartbreak of that intent.  In every other way her story soars as a living testimony to the majesty and glory of the Almighty God.  God’s plan so far has included her surviving a saline abortion without any physical effects, He had her taken to the NICU by a sympathetic nurse rather than cast aside as trash, He provided her with an incredibly loving Christian family to adopt her, and He helped her to achieve her dream of reunification with a portion of her birth family.  Most importantly, He has helped her to use her story to help other abortion survivors, those finding themselves in a crisis pregnancy, and those men and women who are suffering through the guilt, shame, and loss due to their decision to have an abortion. 

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