The Valley of Dry Bones: A Novel by Jerry B. Jenkins

I found The Valley of Dry Bones engaging.  It is quasi-dystopian christian fiction.  Life in California is almost unsurvivable.  Most people have fled the state.  For those remaining their “world” is desolate, dangerous, hot, and seriously lacking in water.  Life throughout the rest of the United States and the world is as it always has been.  The Valley of Dry Bones has the feel of Water World meets Mad Max meets missions.  Water is a hot commodity and everyone is desperate for it.  This commodity creates opportunity for the unscrupulous.  Yet a remnant remain.  Sixteen believers, who call themselves the Holdouts, stay behind to provide aid and to share the Savior with the people who were unable to leave and with those who try to extort them for everything they have.

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