Lindsay Buroker | list of book series in chronological order

This is a complete (hopefully) list of the books written by Lindsay Buroker.  I have endeavered to list the book series in chronological order.

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The Cottage by Michael Phillips

I highly recommend any book written by Michael Phillips.  The Cottage is no exception.  It is a beautiful romance and a compelling Christian fiction read.  As is common in Phillips’ written works, The Cottage is a lesson-filled book.  It is a comforting read, a relaxing read, while at the same time a spiritually and morally challenging read... if you are listening.  I pray that you listen.  I'm going to encourage you now to read The Inheritance, the first book in the Secrets of the Shetlands series, if you haven't already and to then read The Cottage

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the best of 2016

A list of my favorite books (from my 5-star rated list) read in 2016.  They may or may not have been published in 2016.  Sometimes I am blessed and run across a book years after it has been published and find a new favorite.

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The Inheritance by Michael Phillips

Phillips paints beautiful scenery.  His descriptions of the Shetland Islands and the community of Whales Reef in particular are very detailed and lovely.  He shows the value and an understanding of the culture and history of the island. The Inheritance extolls the blessings to be found in a families heritage that I find distinctly lacking in America.  I am much the poorer for it. 

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Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty by Angela Hunt

Angela Hunt brings biblical persons to life. This is highly evident in the story of Bathsheba whose life is intertwined with King David. You cannot write about Bathsheba without also writing about David. Hunt uses the biblical text as a framework wherein she weaves deductive imagination and biblical narrative into a tapestry of their lives. You feel as if you know David and Bathsheba; you feel their joy and pain.

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The Pilgrim by Davis Bunn

Davis Bunn has been one of my favorite authors for years. He has an incredible talent that has been gifted to him by God. He also has an ability to write within a diverse range of genres. Honestly, this is the first time that I have been disappointed.

The Pilgrim is a beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring story. What I love about it is the beautiful picture of the manifest glory of God in the change of hearts within broken men and women. We are shown without equivocation the hope and healing that Christ brings.

My concerns though outweigh the parts that I love. Everything is a bit too easy in this story. Bad things happen to each character up to the time that they begin on the pilgrimage lead by Helena.

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