Davis Bunn | list of novels and book series in chronological order

Davis Bunn is one of my all-time favorite authors!  I have been reading his books since I was in my early teens.  While creating this list I was going down memory lane; enjoying happy memories of my youth when I began reading the books that Bunn wrote with Janette Oke.  As I grew older I grew right along with his published works.  I am still reading his novels and I pray that he has a long writing career ahead of him.  I don't think that you would regret picking up one of his books to read... except it may affect your bank account as you will want to purchase more!

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The Pilgrim by Davis Bunn

Davis Bunn has been one of my favorite authors for years. He has an incredible talent that has been gifted to him by God. He also has an ability to write within a diverse range of genres. Honestly, this is the first time that I have been disappointed.

The Pilgrim is a beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring story. What I love about it is the beautiful picture of the manifest glory of God in the change of hearts within broken men and women. We are shown without equivocation the hope and healing that Christ brings.

My concerns though outweigh the parts that I love. Everything is a bit too easy in this story. Bad things happen to each character up to the time that they begin on the pilgrimage lead by Helena.

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