Fault Lines by Thomas Locke

I haven’t been disappointed by a Thomas Locke book yet!  I would be surprised if I ever were.  Right now I have a whole list of adjectives running through my mind about this third book in the Fault Lines series…

Jaw-dropping!… Exciting!… Brilliant!… Thrilling!… Genuine!… Exhilarating!… Dangerous!… Heady!… Impelling!… Spine-tingling!… Intriguing! Enthralling! Charged!… Engrossing!  Absolutely outstanding!

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the best of 2016

A list of my favorite books (from my 5-star rated list) read in 2016.  They may or may not have been published in 2016.  Sometimes I am blessed and run across a book years after it has been published and find a new favorite.

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Merchant of Alyss by Thomas Locke

I cannot express the honor and privilege that I feel to be a part of the Thomas Locke advance team. God orchestrates some of the kindest, most gracious, joy-filled opportunities for His disciples. I pray that my writing will do justice to this and all of the books that I feel so blessed to read. There are incredibly talented writers, both classic and modern, that are well worth the time to read. Sometimes it takes a little digging but I find that it is always worth it; Thomas Locke stands as one of my favorites.

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