Review of The Olivia Series (4 book series) by Yael Politis

Olivia Mourning, book 1

Well written, moving, on my list of the best books that I've read in life

The subjects chosen for this book were not easy. The author tackled women's rights, race relations, slavery, bigotry, prostitution, bi-racial relationships, unmarried pregnant women, abortion, and more. The book was written honestly and well. I am going to download book two right now and look forward to devouring it like I did this book.

Review originally posted on Amazon January 29, 2015

The Way the World Is, book 2

I love this series. It is not a sappy sweet love story but it is a love story. It is also a story of struggle, grappling with the harshness of life and mankind, hurt, anger and pain. Beautifully though, it is more a story of strength, friendship, a worthy cause, finding yourself, and independence.

Review originally posted on Amazon April 5, 2015

Whatever Happened to Mourning Free?, book 3

So great that I want to start the series over NOW!

There are very few books that draw me in like this series has and when I find an author like Ms. Politis I anxiously await their next book and then longingly search for another author that has the same talent and fresh ideas that will thrill my mind once again.

Often you will read a book which becomes a series. The first book should have been the end but reception was good and so the author attempts to add on, and the subsequent books are more often then not subpar. I believe that an author who makes that kind of decision is not a truly gifted author. This series is nothing like that. I enjoyed reading the author's notes at the end of this book as it explains completely how the series came to be and the focus for her was always on Charlene of whom we don't meet until the third book. For me this is a series that is perfect from start to finish.

I love the authors writing style. I don't really have the words to do it justice, so if this doesn't make sense I apologize and you will just need to read for yourself. She is a true writer. One of those people gifted with the ability to write incredibly well. A great author can draw you into the story so thoroughly that you almost forget that it was written and that you are not actually viewing the story in real life. There are no parts that don't fit, there are no grammatical errors that jerk you out of the story in frustration. I will tell you though that the Kindle version has a couple of spacing errors that lead to interesting word combinations but I believe that is a component of translation to ebook format as I have noticed the same problem in other books. The series is fresh, though provoking, and filled with characters that you fall in love with and a couple that you just can't help but hate.

Honestly, I am going to go back and read this book again right away. Like any good book or movie you know that you miss things on your first go through and I want to find what I missed.

If you are trying to decide whether or not this series is worth your time and money I wholeheartedly recommend it, unless you are prejudiced, but maybe it will help you see the other side of the issue. This whole series is filled with passionate history covering a large number of rather difficult ethical dilemas. The focus though is primarily based upon slavery, racial integration, and civil rights.

Enjoy. Thank you Ms. Politis.

Review originally posted on Amazon October 22, 2017

The Summer of 1848, book 4

I emailed Yael a couple of years ago after reading the first three books in the Olivia series and expressed my appreciation and enjoyment of them.  She actually remembered my email and sent me a review copy of The Summer of 1848.  Unfortunately, I read the book but was unable to review it at the time. You haven’t seen me on my blog in quite some time. I have been struggling with chronic migraines for about six years and I just hit a point where I couldn’t read, I couldn't focus, and I definitely couldn’t blog. I did read The Summer of 1848, more than a year or so ago and I honestly cannot remember any specific details to provide you. What I can definitively say is that I loved the story and that it was a very good ending to a very good series. If I can ever get my blasted concentration back I want to do a true review for this incredible author.

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