Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus DVD review and GIVEAWAY!

I love documentaries!  I watch a lot of them.  I can unabashedly say that Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus is at the top of my favorite documentaries list ever.  It is powerful... a filmmakers genuine and honest journey to investigate the controversy surrounding the biblical exodus.  His findings are balanced and fair.

This film was so engrossing that while my husband and I were watching it, my kids (ages 8, 10, and 18) started peeking their heads in to see what we were watching.  It wasn't long at all before they joined us, and they really added to the experience as they asked really good questions throughout (mark one homeschool lesson finished).  As we watched my husband and I kept looking at each other and found ourselves saying things like WOW!  I had no idea!  That's incredible!  Are you kidding me!?!  

Here are a couple of my thoughts as to what makes a documentary great?

  • The topic is one that is worthwhile of deep investigation (a question or controversy that is engaging).
  • The film's journey is undertaken by an investigative journalist with integrity.
  • The documentary takes me somewhere that I cannot go on my own.
  • The documentary opens up a subject matter that I may know nothing about and leaves me informed.
  • The documentary goes deep.  It takes the needed time to fully investigate the story (in this case, 12-years).
  • The filmmaking, editing, narrating, etc. should be excellent.  Clean, sharp, pleasing to the eyes and ears.
  • Most importantly... it should keep you ruminating over it long after it is over.  (My husband and I have had so many discussions about this film since we finished it.)

On every point Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus knocks it out of the park - hits the nail on the head - pick your favorite idiom.  Watch the short trailer below and then scroll down to enter my giveaway for one copy of the DVD.  If you don't win the giveaway... don't worry... I also have a discount code for you .

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Learn Biblical Hebrew at The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies (and enter to win a free class of your own)

It isn't everyday as a blogger that you get tossed an opportunity to review a Biblical Hebrew course.  When the opportunity popped up in my email box I immediately thought of my husband.  He is a pastor with a Bible college education but he has yet to learn either Greek or Hebrew.  I asked him if he would like to take the class and he immediately snatched up the opportunity.

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Alison's Choice | A Film About Life DVD review and giveaway

I am pro-life and I applaud the efforts of others to turn people away from the very sad and sinful choice of abortion.  The church needs to do even more in the fight against abortion and to spread the gospel, which is the only true way to change the human heart.  While I really want to support this movie I feel that there are some doctrinal issues that cannot be ignored therefore I cannot recommend this movie.

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Christian Cinema review and GIVEAWAY of The Jesus Film

I had a great experience watching The JESUS Film using Christian Cinema's streaming service.  As an Apple TV owner I was thrilled to discover that Christian Cinema has an Apple TV app, launched in July 2016.  I had crystal clear reception without any delays.  The quality of the video was excellent, the new musical score in Dobly 5.1 surround sound was evident, and the movie was vividly colored.  It was a top-notch viewing experience

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Treasure Toons DVD created by Cassie Byram Review and GIVEAWAY

Treasure Toons was an unexpected blessing.  Treasure Toon is not cotton candy christianity for kids. You know… cotton candy is sweet, it draws kids in, it tastes great, but it isn’t substantial.  Treasure Toons is substantial!  It is biblical scripture set to music with fun graphics for kids.  

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