Treasure Toons DVD created by Cassie Byram Review and GIVEAWAY

Format: DVD
Released: June 20, 2016



TreasureToons is a brand new series of animated lyric videos featuring original songs from the CD Wonderfully Made. Each song features lyrics that are taken directly from the Bible. The TreasureToons DVD comes with 55 minutes of entertaining musical animation and includes Sing-a-Long versions and other bonus materials. Dove-Family-Approved-All-AgesThere is no better way to plant the Word of God into young hearts and minds than through music combined with fun animation. Treasure Toons will have your kids laughing and learning scripture in no time…for a lifetime.


Treasure Toons was an unexpected blessing.  Treasure Toons is not cotton candy Christianity for kids. You know… cotton candy is sweet, it draws kids in, it tastes great, but it isn’t substantial.  Treasure Toons is substantial!  It is biblical scripture set to music with fun graphics for kids.  

I had never heard of Cassie Byram or Oodles World and I’m glad to have discovered them.  Byram has a beautiful voice and she is just the right amount of silly to attract the attention of the pre-school set.  When I watched the video with my kids, my seven-year-old was sick and so she wasn’t giving a very enthusiastic response (to anything) but my ten-year-old was a different story.  My husband, the kids, and I all agreed that we wished the DVD would have started out with Arise and Shine, based on Isaiah 60: 1 & 19.  It is catchy and Justin said “wow!” or even better “wooooooow!” several times during the song.  The first time being fairly early on when the church lit up.  He also really loved the airplane.  Arise and Shine was a favorite for all of us.  The Fool, based on Proverbs 29: 11, 20, 22-23 elicited a “cool!” from Justin.  We all liked the graphics of the birds on the telephone wires.

While my children were attracted to the catchiness of the songs and the graphics, they were hearing solid scripture in every song.  Just like hiding veggies in a fruit smoothie to provide greater physical nutrition, when scriptural music captures a child’s attention they are spiritually nourished (whether they know it or not).

I received a DVD review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  My thanks to Oodles World and the FrontGate Christian Blogger Network.


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Cassie Byram

Cassie Byram

Cassie Byram began her professional career in entertainment at the age of 19. An award winning actress, singer, and songwriter, Cassie’s career encompasses theater, film, television, voice-overs, published songwriting and multiple album releases for adults and children alike.

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