A list of characters in The Emperor's Edge series by Lindsay Buroker

WARNING: descriptions contain spoilers!

Amaranthe Lokdon

Former enforcer and leader of The Emperor's Edge, a team of outlaws dedicated to the aid of the Turgonian empire with the hope of earning exoneration.

Amaranthe has brown hair (usually in an immaculate bun) and brown eyes, which have been described as "like a doe's;" warm and often sparkling with humor. Apart from being compulsively clean, her team members have commented on her charisma, natural talent for persuasion and ability to produce hair-brained schemes of considerable scale in short order.  source

Love interest: Sicarius


Sicarius is an infamous former assassin whose fearsome reputation has meant that the mere sound of his name is usually enough to terrify listeners and dissuade greedy bounty hunters from attempting to collect his one million ranmya bounty.

Thanks to the widespread distribution of wanted posters, Sicarius' features are well-known: He has short blond hair (which has prompted questions about his heritage), deep brown eyes and olive-toned skin. Aside from his functional black clothing, he always carries his black knife and a variety of throwing knives. Despite the leanness of his face and body as well as his expressionless (often icy) silence, Sicarius has been described as "handsome" and women have evidently found him attractive.  source

Love interest: Amaranthe Lokdon

Marl "Books" Muglidor

We are introduced to Books as a lonely alcoholic. Fortunately, he was just drowning his sorrows and as time goes on the drinking stops being an issue. As his nickname implies, he is a total bibliophile, often getting into long explanations of things to the chagrin of the others. He is a professor after all.  Books is the oldest of the group and is usually awkward, banging into walls and tripping over his feet. Books is not the epitome of grace.

Maldonado (Marblecrest) Montichelu

Maldonado is a disinherited member of the warrior cast (the elite ruling cast).  He is arrogant and crude and utterly charming.  He is also a dandy who uses his style, extremely good looks, and picture-perfect physique to get what he wants.  He is the shopper for the team as businesses in Stumps are run by women therefore, Maldonado can get the best prices.  Maldonado would want you to know that he is a highly ranked swordsman and a hero worthy of a statue in the city center.  You can always expect comic relief from Maldonado.  

Character Interview: An Interview with Warrior, Mercenary, and Ladies’ Man… Maldynado Montichelu


Akystyr is a very angry teenager.  He has a desire to learn the mental sciences (magic) but it is outlawed in the empire.  He is such a pain to be around that he was left in the pillory to die by his fellow gang members.  Akystyr doesn't trust anyone and is hard to trust but he has knowledge and skills that are beneficial to the team. 


Basilard is a former slave who was forced to fight to the death gladiator style in illegal gaming duels.  He is thoroughly scarred both inside and out.  He has been rendered unable to speak due to damage to his throat from the fights.

Professor Tikaya Komitopis

Tikaya is a philologist with mad cryptography skills.

Love interest: Fleet Admiral Rias Starcrest

Lord Deret Mancrest

Lord Mancrest's father owns The Gazette where Mancrest, a former soldier, currently works as a journalist. Maldanado is playing matchmaker with Amaranthe, only in part because he thinks Mancrest may be useful in getting positive articles written about the team.  Really it's all about finding someone more suitable for Amaranthe.

Mancrest's crush on Amaranthe will not make his life easy.  Having Sicarius as a nemesis sounds like a bad plan to me.

Sespian Savarsin

The emperor.

Character Interview: Sespian (on fathers, cats, and man-to-man advice)


Vonsha Spearcrest

Vonsha taught cryptography at the university, and Hollowcrest brought her in to build unbreakable keys during the war.

Books has a serious crush on Vonsha!


Tarok is a shaman

Sergeant Evrial Yara

Yara is an Imperial enforcer.  She is a bit snappy and severe but hardworking and dedicated.  She is good at tossing out threats with which she has the physical build and temperament to make good on.

Character Interview: Sergeant Yara (Part I and part II)